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We are an Information Technology Consulting Firm registered with the CAC and with RC No. 1306725; we focused on providing tailored solutions for public and private organizations. Our methodology of providing solutions to our clients is to understand the client’s requirements and provide detailed analysis of the requirements geared towards developing satisfactory system.

Our solution to colleges and universities provides different processes in an institution; and at the same time, makes these processes available via the web. It also provides you with an integrated organization system structure through which users (Students, Lecturers and the College Management) can carry out sundry operations on the system. Interestingly too, this dynamic application can be customized to suit the features of the institution. The system also provides a personalized experience to all users on the platform. it’s made up of a number of modules, and they are:

  • Online Sales of Application Forms

  • Admission Module

  • Students Registration Module

  • Student Registration Approval Modules (Level Coordinator, Head of Departments and DEAN of Schools)

  • Result Checking Module

  • Administrator’s Console Module

  • Bank Payment Engine Integration (Bank Branch Collect)

  • SMS Confirmation Integration/Real-time

  • etc

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